About Aggie M’s Cheesecakes

Aggie M’s Cheesecakes is in honor of my grandmother Agnes Mildenberger. As a child, I remember her red and white kitchen in Queens, New York where she perfected her traditional cheesecake recipe and enjoyed baking for family and friends.

Her recipe has been passed on to me and I use it as the base for all of my cakes. Using that traditional base, I create cheesecakes with classic toppings as well as innovative cakes with unique flavors and toppings. Some of my specialty cheesecakes include Turtle, German Chocolate, Key Lime, and Cookies & Cream.

Cheesecake lovers say…

Indulgent and decadent without all of the guilt

 “I’ve ordered cheesecakes for the holiday season from Aggie M’s and they have always been delicious. When I learned that Aggie M’s made a gluten free, sugar-free cheesecake, I was both excited and hesitant that it wouldn’t live up to the fantastic taste of the regular cheesecakes. Well I was pleasantly surprised! These gluten free, sugar-free cheesecakes are just as delicious as the regular cheesecakes. They were creamy and rich and you could not tell that they were sugar-free. The blueberry topping on our cheesecake had the most perfect hand picked ripened blueberries … and the orange creamsicle cheesecake tasted exactly like a sherbet. Eating Aggie M’s gluten free, sugar-free cheesecakes gives you the feeling of indulging in a decadent dessert without all of the guilt.”

—Lance C. 


“The cherry topped cheesecake and the bacon with chocolate ganache topped cheesecake are my two favorites. Fresh baked every time!”

—Stuart W.

Great cheesecake

“I’m so impressed how this cheesecake is wonderfully rich, decadent, and delicious. The variety of flavors ranging from the traditional plain cheesecake to Baileys are just soooo good.

—Angela R.

Brings back memories

“This cheesecake brings back memories when my own grandmother baked cheesecakes. So creamy and absolutely delicious. My personal favorite is the plain cheesecake topped with bacon and chocolate ganache.”

—Debra Z.

Better than the bakery

“The cheesecake flavor is just right — creamy and sweet and tangy at the same time. The turtle cheesecake with pecans and caramel on top is a home run!.”

—Patrick C.

A classic

“Love the backstory and love the cheesecake! You won’t be disappointed.”

—Terry C.

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